30 November 2012

BlackNET Intelligence Channel: GLOBAL WARMING, HELL...

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  ...and to think SOME BlackNET Members THOUGHT NOVEMBER was COLD...

The absolute, self-evident, unequivocal, incontrovertible, proof-positive evidence of the existence of intelligent life in outer-space is the very fact that they have NOT attempted to contact US...

...That, and 50 SHADES of Grey... can you HEAR US NOW... too much ice...


28 November 2012

BlackNET Intel FLASH: Lebanese Scandal Babe, GC Allen, DCI Petraeus and KORAN BURNING...


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[ed.note: Can someone out there in the either remind US/1 again which WARS (plural) the erstwhile, recently retired general/spy won...?

Though, we here at BKNT-HQ are still chuckling, as are, no doubt, the various intelligence officers at the FSB, Shin Beit/Amal, ISI, PLA, Mexico's federal police, blah, blah...etc.

Not to mention those our warm, mistress-loving, cheese-eating surrender monkey allies...

DCI does Gmail? A technique deployed by terrorists and TEENAGERS alike...

Ain't been this embarrassed for my country since then President Clinton told IWB (intern with benefits) Monica that 'foreign embassies' might be listening in on their dozen or so phone-sex sessions, according the rather infamous Independent Counsel Report. POTUS advised young 'Ms. Lewinsky' that should anyone inquire about same, to just say they were 'kiddin' around.

Boris Yeltsin and certain members the IDF's Unit 8200 were definitely 'chuckling' when the above advice was rendered public in the 1998 Starr Report. Yeltsin boasted in his memoirs about how he knew all about the IWB 'long' before said publicity ensued.

Go figure...

W. Scott Malone
BlackNET Intelligence Channel
November 26, 2012 12:59 PM

SEE Also Member Jeff Stein's seminal expositions on this subject area in his incomparable SPYTALK Blog:


PLAYING With FIRE, Part - #2 --Fla. Rev. T. JONES TELCON w/CG John ALLEN, C/ISAF & USFOR-A : Let the QUORAN Burn Countdown Begin--LD-e/C

Today at 8:45am ET, General John R. Allen, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and the U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) called Dr Terry Jones. General Allen expressed his fear of retaliation against the US Military in Afghanistan if .....


November 27, 2012

Investigation Into General Narrows Look at E-Mail

WASHINGTON — Two and a half weeks after Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced an inquiry into e-mail exchanges between Gen. John R. Allen of the Marines and a socialite in Tampa, Fla., some 15 investigators working seven days a week in the Pentagon inspector general’s office have narrowed their focus to 60 to 70 e-mails that “bear a fair amount of scrutiny,” a defense official said…

[Jill Kelley] wrote to [Tampa Mayor Bob] Buckhorn that “I just got off the phone with Gen. Allen.” The next day she let him know that she was working to prevent a local D.J. from carrying out his threat to deep-fry a Koran on the air.

“I have Petraeus & Allen both emailing me about getting this dealt with,” she wrote on March 7. She told the mayor she had also been involved in the effort to prevent a Florida pastor from burning a Koran in 2011.>

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